March 14, 2014

FASHION SEWING: My DIY Red Midi Skirt...

I used Simplicity 4236 and added a waistband

Hey y'all! I finally finished my red skirt yesterday, yay! And I have to say, this fabric proved more delicate than I had initially thought before I started working with it. It was a little fragile, but I reinforced it where I could so I won't have any wardrobe malfunctions when I do wear it. But as you can see like I told you before, the skirt is completely see through. And I know people are doing the see through thing now like HERE, and I'm not totally against wearing sheer as a style choice, just not for this skirt. Another reason I won't wear my skirt on its own is because I've become obsessed with the idea of wearing a red petticoat with it. I've searched thrift stores, party stores, costume stores and online shops for a red petticoat and I've settled on a delicate one I saw online. So as soon as I get it, I'll take pics with my skirt on so you can see the fit! Stay tuned...

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