April 18, 2011

Kanye Rocks Womenswear at Coachella...

Kanye West performed at Coachella on Sunday April 17 this year wearing womenswear from Celine's 2011 Spring line. And you know what? I can't even hate on this. Not even a little bit. Because I stroll around in the men's department looking for cool finds for myself on occasion. I have a pair of 34" waist menswear khaki pants that I purchased to wear and I LOVE them. They don't fit my waist, but I belt them around my hips for an easy, hipster/tomboy fit. Trust me, it works. And honestly ya'll. Are we really that shocked at Kanye wearing designer womenswear or anything else that's completely out of the ordinary? I mean come on. We are talking about Kanye.

1 comment:

  1. Honestly, it looks better on him than on the model. But women are looking for fashion finds in the men department stores. So why not the other way around?




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