June 5, 2009

Completed My 2nd Maxi Dress!

Completed my 2nd maxi dress late last night (see my first one here), and it didn't come without it's challenges, but I'm constantly improving, I can tell. And even though my dress form fills out the bust area on this dress more than I do, I'm still pretty pleased with it :-). 
See the dress here before it was finished.


nitabita said...

The list for my 35th B-day will be published on June 8th. Don't be surprised if this dress makes the list! ;-)

The Cheap Chica said...

that's cute. i love the print

Chanel said...

can't wait to see your list nita, and HEY CHICA! Long time :-)

Sharon said...

I, too, love the color and print.

Adrienne said...

Very cute!!

Sweet.Little.Lies said...

Wow i love this. Just wondering if you used a pattern, and if so which one? I'd love to try this out!



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