April 9, 2009

Joy Bryant's Outfit: Cute or Not Cute?

Actress Joy Bryant attended the Lyn Devon Preview At ARCADE on April 7, 2009 in West Hollywood California. What do you think of her outfit? Cute or not cute?


  1. Totally NOT cute. I'm not a huge fan of her anyway and don't think she looks that great because her hair is NEVER done! Ugh.

  2. I'm not a fan of cutoff shorts - or shorts in general - but I kind of think this outfit is cute. The boots, top, and shorts are very hippie/boho/free-spirited. The military-style blazer gives it more shape, and looks a little glam paired with the gold purse. Yes, I think it's cute. Not saying that I would wear it; but it's cute.

  3. Not CUTE.. Just an example of layering and casuality (is that the word??) gone wrong!

  4. dont like the boots and the short should have been rolled up or shorter otherwise the top part is cute!! where is rachel??? i know she aint told her to wear dat!!!

  5. totally NOT cute... the boots killed it for me.

    and DWJ, you aint never lied! her hair is never, EVER done!