October 21, 2008

Disturbing Trend: Surgery to Achieve "Designer Feet"

Like many fashion-savvy women her age, 23-year-old Khadisha Shelton loves shoes.

She scans fashion magazines to see the latest styles on the catwalk, and eagerly saves up to purchase her favourites as soon as they arrive on the High Street. But this winter, and right at the top of Khadisha's wish list, is something rather more extreme.

Instead of searching for the perfect Gina or Christian Louboutin shoes, Khadisha is in pursuit of the perfect feet in order to display her purchases to their best advantage - and she is willing to go under the knife to achieve it.
n a matter of weeks, Khadisha will undergo cosmetic surgery to shorten her toes.

The operation - a gruelling three hours long, where surgeons will use a saw to slice segments from her bones - costs a staggering £2,700, and it could take months before she can walk properly again. But, for fashion-obsessed Khadisha, it is a price worth paying.

'When I look down at my feet, I just can't stand them - and I hate that if I wear strappy shoes, all their flaws are on show to everyone else,' says Khadisha, a 23-year-old accountant from South London.

'The worst thing about them are my two second toes. On each foot they're bigger than my big toe, and I'm just too embarrassed to wear all the really lovely "peep-toe" styles that are so fashionable right now.

'Also, I've got corns on all my toes from years of wearing pointy stilettos, some of my toes aren't straight and I hate the way some are longer than others. I'm going to have the whole lot sorted in one go.

'I know it sounds extreme - and the operation does scare me a little, as I don't like the thought of, perhaps, not being able to walk for up to six months afterwards, but for me, it really is a price worth paying for pretty feet.'

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  1. Such a waste of money...

    now bunion removal that's necessary, this is ridiculous.

  2. oh my gosh, I think this is so sad. I'm not sure this surgery is going to stop her 'hating' her feet. I can't imagine voluntarily not being able to walk for up to 6months!!


  3. I love me some shoes, but this...nuh uh..I couldn't.