August 22, 2008

Spotted Out: Nia Long...

Nia Long was spotted at the "Black And White" Gala for the Barack Obama campaign looking fabulous.  The gala was held at a private residence on August 21, 2008 in Beverly Hills.


Anonymous said...


Her pool-hall seduction scene with Jude Law in Alfie is still one of the sexiest on celluloid (or digital).

Love her.

Bronze Trinity said...

OMG please give me her skin and her body and I'll be happy! She looks amazing! I wish I could wear a dress like that!

Chanel said...

I know bt,
Nia has amazing skin and hair. Love her.

summer said...

i have seen other african american women with beautiful bronze skin. is there a cosmetic or lotion i can use to enhance my skin tone? please tell me



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