June 25, 2008

Nelson Mandela Celebrity Dinner Arrivals...

A few pics from a pre-birthday dinner in honor of Nelson Mandela's birthday (he turns 90 on 6/27) in Hyde Park, London on June 25, 2008...

Will & Jada


Singer, Leona Lewis who is scheduled to perform, Amy Winehouse is also scheduled to take the stage.

 Singer Nicole Sherzinger and Lewis Hamilton

Keisha and Forest Whitaker


Lish said...

you can always count on nicole to be tacky!!!...i love the whitakers!!!!

nitabita said...

Jada looks fabulously regal. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the ruby red shoes!

Why does Oprah look like she stepped off the set of Gone With the Wind? Pilgrim is the new black.



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