May 29, 2008

Do Not Attempt To Adjust Your Screen.

Because it's not your computer screen, it's the psychedelic colors on Tracee's dress. These two colors are close to impossible to combine successfully and should not, I repeat, should not be attempted unless you are a skilled professional.  Imagine yourself trying to chat her up at the party while trying not to look directly at her dress.  It's hard to focus on it for even a few seconds without getting cross-eyed!  She could seriously blind anyone who came within a few feet of her with this wacky color combination.  And that just wouldn't be cool at a swank Hollywood party.

Tracee Ellis Ross and all her eye-popping brightness attended the opening of the CHANEL boutique on Robertson Blvd. in Beverly Hills on May 29, 2008.


Anonymous said...

GORGEOUS! I love this on her--I think it's Prada--it looks fabulous!

Poor Tracee, though--she's just never going to get the style props she's due. Not here or on certain other blogs, but you know what I mean. Slept on.

Chanel said...

Nothing against the silhouette of her dress, it's just the color combination on it that's a little foul to me.

I'm usually a huge fan of her style. These colors together tho? It's too much.

Diabolina said...

was behind her in line at the valet.

and it was ALOT of dress. too much for me.

cute blog!

Regitze said...

Err... Not quite sure what to say... She's not doing it well, and WHY would ANYONE wanna wear Prada at a Chanel boutique opening!?!

nitabita said...

I sure wish people would know the history of a blog before they start tossing around assumptions (that's for you anonymous).

Hip Candy has always had great posts praising TER's style. Nobody around here has slept on her. She is an icon for our generation. But THIS outfit is not cute.

Thanks for coming around anon, but stay in your lane!

Keli said...

I love her hair.

M. Marrone said...

I was about to say!



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