April 6, 2008

Thandie Newton To Play Condoleeza In "W" + My Picks..

My first thought was, what? They're actually making a whole movie about George W. Bush??? Wow. Seems it's true, according to the Drudge Report, Thandie is apparently in final negotiations to play current Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice in the flick directed by Oliver Stone. And nothing against Thandie, I like her and I've always thought that she was as cute as a button, but her being cast in this role seems a bit of a stretch to me. But hey, she may surprise us all, I guess that's why it's called "acting". Still, I won't let that stop me from casting the role myself from the sidelines. My personal picks of actresses to read for the role of Condoleeza would have been (1) Kimberly Elise, (2) Angela Bassett, or (3) Sanaa Lathan. What do ya'll think?


  1. wow kimberly elise even looks a lot like her. she gets my vote.

  2. I think Thandie is a stretch too. Kimberly Elise is a good choice. What about the chick who plays 'Monica' on Girlfriends? She's a lot more petite, but she could definitely pull off the cold, out of touch, too-powerful-for-her-own-good role.

  3. Yeah...I think Kimberly would be a good choice. Of course, Angela is the best "actress" out of them all.

  4. I think Kimberly Elise is the best choice here... Good eye.

  5. I say pick Kimberly Elise...she's better suited for the roll in a full round :)




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