March 17, 2008

L.A. Fashion Week: Scenes From Lauren Conrad...

No frills, or extras at Lauren Conrad's fashion show. She displayed simple, basic pieces, a perfect backdrop to complementing with your own accessories.

(above) Photo credit: Ron Ward

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  1. Love this stuff! Her style is so cute.. for some other simple and chic looks check out They have some really cute stuff that is great for any occasion.

  2. My favorite is actually the black CUTE dress that Lauren is wearing! Her stuff is cute, but I definitely feel like I've seen it before.

  3. The second girl (in the blouson-ish black dress) bears an uncanny resemblance to ANTM's Chantal...

  4. Beautiful! I love the muted colors. The far left shirred dress with gloves is absolutely stunning. The gloves really take it up a notch. I’m not sold on the second from the left, but the rest are all classic pieces that are very wearable and translate well from the runway to the street. Lauren should be proud!

  5. She seems super ko as a person but her style is so blah and boring to me. Even though her line was ok it still seem very boring and very rookie. Ive seen most of the looks 100 times before. The line really wasnt that innovative.

  6. i like her look but not her designs, as you said there is nothing new, the one in the midle looks like kimora lee simmons´ dress