January 29, 2008

Kelly, Kelly, Kelly...

Kelly Rowland attended the Best Beauty Buys Awards January 29, in London England. And is it just me, or is that visible armpit hair peeking out? You know what, I'm gonna give Kelly the benefit of the doubt here and figure that she was mad rushed and just didn't have time to handle that if it is. Seriously, no hate here. Other than that, I think she looks great.


  1. You know, she was recently photo'ed here in london in a peacock and leather playsuit and she the 5 o'clock armpit shadow was in full effect. I dont know what's happening to her but two times in a row? I'm a bit worried!

  2. See, I was ready to come up with some kind of excuse like, "it must be a reflection off of the giant sequin" or "it's a birthmark"...but after reading xxx's comment that this is a 2nd offence...Ms. Kelly needs a whoopin' for that mess.

  3. I saw her at the Crazy Bar in central London last Friday. I was out celebrating my birthday and that just made my day. She looked more glamorous in the flesh than she does on TV and is a lot taller than I thought she would be. Go Kelly!!

  4. i guess,but her dress makes up for it,she looks hot