November 4, 2007

H&M Opens On Sunset Blvd. In Los Angeles

H&M, one of my fave budget retailers, (who always carries some of the cutest gear EVER at even better prices...) just opened a new store on November 1 on 8580 W Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles! They also have another Los Angeles store located inside the Beverly Center. H&M is must stop shopping whenever I'm on the east coast, so more store locations opening across the country is a fabulous thing!

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  1. I'm psyched! I live right around the corner from the new H&M. And I love H&M's cutting-edge cool for the style-seeker on a budget. I've got a feeling this is gonna be dangerous...

  2. The Beverly Center is SO 5 minutes ago, I hate going there. I cant wait to check it out!

    * HipCandyRocks!

  3. H&M is one of my faves too. Stores are sprouting up all over SoCal - Pasadena, the Valley..This is fabulous!

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  5. Hooray for H&M in LA! I saw this on the angeles edition)....congrats!

  6. I was zooming down Sunset the other day, and thought I saw the H&M sign. Thanks for confirming...

  7. We just got a new one here in Vancouver too yipeeeee!




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