September 18, 2007

Marc.. What is REALLY Going On With These Shoes?

Marc Jacobs strikes again! He's really into designing fug shoes right now. The "boots" below (Marc by Marc Jacobs, $725 at are the follow-up to his ballet flats of a very similar design. Ya'll remember them. And the following shoe with the upside-down, backwards heel was a design worn by the models in his runway show during Fashion Week. But I do have to admit about the "boots", they are a little better than the ballet flats... but just a little! That being said, I still don't think I could do anything with any of these. What do ya'll think?

Shoes worn by models at Marc Jacobs SS/08 show during Fashion Week.


  1. I think the shoes look really cool... in that museum-y, M.C. Escher kind of way. But, I don't think I could actually wear them. I'd be scared of falling over!

    Now the boots, that's just pure fug.

  2. Oh Marc, you are seriously falling off, love! Those boots were done (and better) by Casadei ages ago. As were the backwards heel by some Asian designer

  3. fuggggg. come on marc! those boots are hideous. if you could just stick with the thick pump style it'd be a little better, like the 'my dior' pumps i am obsessssed with at bluefly, of course i still love you though marc;);)

  4. I ADORE the backwards heels. I would rock those till the wheels fell off! I love "showstopper" shoes. Now those darn sock shoes are still a certified mess, I won't be swayed.

  5. Ok... am I the only one wondering how in the world I would physically walk in the "upside-down, backwards heel"????

  6. I showed the shoes to my coworker and he thought they looked like they were the butt of some joke. "What did the blonde shoemaker do to this ballet flat?"