August 14, 2007

Nice! Sweet Louboutin Redemption

How special are these shoes? Oh so special if you ask me. This pair of Louboutin Maryjanes is so fabulous, they almost make you forget about this extra weird pair he designed. And at a mere $730, the Louboutin Maryjanes are a huge bargain too, lol! I certainly wouldn't complain if someone gifted me a pair. Or even this pair. Or both. Yeah.. definitely both. I wouldn't mind that one bit...

Size 7 - 7.5. You know... just in case.

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I ♥ Christian Louboutin



Ondo Lady said...

I love Mary Janes, they are cute as well as being elegant.

WendyB said...

Aw, I love those fish shoes! :-)

Sarah P ;-) said...

These shoes are CLASSICS!



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