August 11, 2007

Left Turn for Louboutin?

I was shocked and surprised when I spotted this Christian Louboutin shoe over at the Fashion Police. And everyone knows that I ♥ Christian Louboutin. But this latest Louboutin creation? I'm sorry. I just can't get with 'em. What do ya'll think? Cute or not cute?



  1. Hummmm, those are interesting. Imagine what they'd look like with bright red toes sticking out of the "mouth". LOL Not cute!

  2. Not cute. More sci-fi look.

  3. I think they're very funny, so if they were on SERIOUS sale I would do them. But definitely not for the retail price. If I buy something as a joke it has to be cheap. But imagine the fun conversations you'd have with people once they noticed!

  4. Hmmm...
    I'm not sure I would want my shoes staring up at me. Not even if Christian Louboutin made them.

  5. I think they'd be a fun conversation piece, and the silhouette of the shoe isn't ugly, it's just that dayum fishy face. For fun yes, for fashion NO.

  6. ...they're awful, you're right! Resting on the name at this point...

  7. Ew, I would never consider buying those shoes.

  8. I'm thinking Halloween...with me in tight green suede jumpsuit and these heels... I could be the jolly green hippy giant...LOL!

    Not so cute, Mr. Louboutin--and I usually love his shoes!

  9. I love Louboutin but I have to agree- not cute. They're really creative, though. They'd go well with a Halloween costume. I adore your blog! I would love to exchange links. My fashion blog, EB Rue, can be found at
    Thank you!, Ashley

  10. there is not much to love about louboutin's quality these days. the past (2) pairs i've bought (a decolletage pump and a patent zip bootie) were pretty bad - especially the zip bootie. uneven stitching, puckering, uneven horizontal line of the "tongue" - and the INTERIOR of BOTH shoes! egads - cheaply dyed, cheap leather. the logo doesn't even look the same!

    i strongly sustpect if one has the red painted (which, i believe, used to be dyed) sole analyzed one would find... lead content.

    despite mr. louboutin's comments in that book "deluxe." something is going on.

    LOUBOUTIN'S USED TO BE TWICE THE QUALITY FOR HALF THE PRICE. i have old pairs that have held up better than the (2) pairs i've purchased since june.

    fogive the rant - thanks for reading.

  11. eww. that's disappointing.




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