July 14, 2007

Victoria Beckham: The Anti-Britney.

Victoria Beckham is a breath of cool, fresh summer air in comparison to other celebs who could care less how they looked in public like Britney Spears. The pink dress (RM by Roland Mouret) and matching pink ostrich skin Birkin bag (nice) with minimal black accessories is what Victoria wore to the induction of her husband, David Robert Joseph Beckham to the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer team on Friday. And let me just say, I thought she looked fabulous. I know that some people aren't too keen on her, saying things like she's "robotic" and that she rarely smiles, but chick's fashion sense is a whole other story indeed. Her style game is ridiculous, and she rarely misses IMO. Yeah, she can be a little over the top sometimes, but 9 out of 1o of those times, she is completely on point with hers. She's usually always polished. Unlike Britney. Now that the Beckhams are here in the states, I'm gonna be checking for her a lot closer.

As for Britney... umm.. like I said, I'm really gonna be watching for Mrs. Beckham.


  1. I love Posh! I always want to see what she's rockin'. This chick loves to dress! I love to see celebrities look like STARS... like the old-fashioned Hollywood glam.

  2. Wow what was Britney thinking!?!
    Posh's outfit reminds me of legally blonde, much better dressed!


  3. no truer words were ever written!

  4. ha! the post title made me lol...i never thought of it that way before. posh def looks super chic in that ensemble!

    :) D

  5. No comparison. Two different leagues.

  6. Posh looks like she's dressed in Sunday come to meeting attire. It would be nice to see her dress down a bit.

    As for brit...you can take the girl out the trailer park...

  7. Posh is on my top picks when it comes to Celebs and Fashion... she rarely misses the beat.

    Sometimes I wonder if I'd get tired being all dressed up all the time... but I can't get mad at her, if you're gonna do it, do it right!

    Britney... just, ugh...

  8. Posh does look terrific. She has a great sense of style!

  9. Hey, she is style personified. She never has a hair out of place. Her personality may be a bit out there but I really like her dress sense.

  10. I've truly grown to love her, and I love the seriousness with which she dresses. I may not always like what she wears, but I lovelovelove that she always dresses.

  11. Im really not into Victoria Beckham, i really dont understand why she would need to be THAT dressed up ALL THE TIME!? And what on earth does she put in those huge bags of hers?
    I feel sorry for Spears though, she needs a little guidence and a full length mirror, bless her.




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