July 12, 2007

Go Braless In Style!

On occasion and from time to time, I sometimes leave the house without a bra on. Ok... so maybe it's really most of the time, but I'm not keeping count. It's very freeing to be braless! And bras aren't always that comfortable anyway, especially in the warmer months. That being said, I don't want to walk into a cold building and *bling* all of a sudden, my "high beams" are on blast for the world to see. Which is why I love breast petals! Bristols6, the company who sells "Nippies" online recently sent some to me to try, and OMG! I love them. I got the sequined hearts from their bridal collection and some cool striped stars. Nippies are fun and ready for a night out! L'il Kim took this look to a bit of an extreme a while back, although I think I still prefer to wear mine in a more concealed fashion, thank you. But check 'em out! I personally have never seen them in so many styles and colors (they even have butterflies!) And their double stick stylin' tape has turned me into a believer as well (the stylin' tape is the same type stuff JLo used to keep that green Versace dress that she wore a while back from flying wide open). The tape kept me perfectly closed in when I wore them recently with a slightly plunging neckline. And believe me, I shook and shimmied to put 'em to the test. Indeed, they passed.

Check out Nippies for yourself now!


  1. Haha I am always too paranoid to leave my house without a bra on! Of course in this part of the world I'd have to listen to a whole lot of goss about me if I did too!

  2. Ok, I'm just gonna be real. I have issues taking BANDAIDS off of my ARM; so the thought of removing a Nippie from my nippie just makes me cringe...

    It's not the absence of a bra that makes me hesitate as much as it is my fear of an unpleasant removal of the "Nippies."

    Am I making sense?

  3. But if they work, then I'm all for them!

  4. Won't they leave impression through your shirt? Humm....

  5. @anon-
    I thought they would leave an impression too, especially the sequined ones, but surprisingly, they didn't! And I wore the sequined ones underneath a lightweight t-shirt dress.

    And to Sarah, they work perfectly on me... no visible anything at all when I wear 'em. But yeah, taking them off was another story.

  6. Hey, anything that is an option to wearing a dreaded bra is welcome news to me! I'm going to try them...

  7. I wish I could go braless, but after three kids... Before they went south 14 years ago I used tape. This is a much cuter option.

  8. ANYTHING that is a worthy alternative to a bra is worth a try. I'm going to buy some and give them a good try. I don't look forward to removing them though!