June 17, 2007

I Want These Sunglasses!

But I have no idea who makes them. Anybody know? I already have a pair that's really similar to these (I wear them with blacks, whites, greys...). But a nice amber colored pair like Angelina's (to wear with browns, tans, yellows...) would make my aviator collection for the summer complete! Does she usually stick to the same brand? If anyone knows, I'd love to find out...


  1. I love these too! I couldn't figure out who makes them, but I found an identical pair at bluefly by Dior. I like how they jazz up the classic aviator style with a hint of orangeish/brown. love them!

  2. Oh wow. The bluefly ones are nice! Thanks anon! I love the color on 'em too.

  3. I saw these in a picture of Angelina at the Film Festival in Cannes and one site listed them as Ray Ban 3025 aviator sunglasses but I think the best match I found was Tom Ford 'Charles' aviators in Rose Gold. I reallyyyy like those. I hope this helps =)

  4. Hi, I generally check Jolie's sunglasses too as I find them to be ultra hip and sophisticated. The pair she is wearing in that particular photo is Strummer by Oliver People. Originally Brad Pitt was wearing them and I think she took to them.

  5. Oliver Peoples... thanks kumari!




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