June 4, 2007

The Answer To This Arden B. "Jumpsuit" is NO.

Halter Pantsuit with Cutout Bodice - $128.00
Description: Pantsuit with self-tie halter neckline, shiny gold hardware on straps, center ring and sexy cutout bodice.

When I first saw this on the Arden B. site, my first thought was that they couldn't be serious. I mean, what are the designers over there thinking? That this is cute? That somebody would actually pay $128 for it? That someone would actually wear it somewhere? But then I got to thinking a little deeper. You know who this outfut would be perfect for, seriously? A magician's assistant. Yeah. Somebody who's sole purpose is to go out on stage and be placed in a box on a nightly basis to be "sawed in half" for an audience of about 8 people at one of those tiny small town casinos you've never heard of. This outfit is perfect for that.

See? That's called focusing on the positive.


  1. That jumpsuit is so tacky. Doesn't look like Arden B.... looks more like Fredrick's of Hollywood! All you need is a pair of lucite platforms and a pole to complete this ensemble.

  2. LOL@Magicians assistant, I sooo wasn't expecting that!!!

  3. LOL.... My answer is HECK NO!!!!

  4. Arden B tries to defy fashion laws and get creative every now and then, and just gets it all WRONG. This crapness right here is no exception.

    I bought and wore this outfit to my friend's bridal shower in Vegas and it was a hit! It just hugged my bosy in all the right places! EVERYONE, I mean EVERYONE, complimented me on it and asked where I got it from and I proudly told them Arden B. Arden B has the bestest clothes EVER!!!!

  6. I'm so glad that FINALLY someone got the courage to stand up for this one of a kind outfit. I, myself actually LOVE it to pieces & when I read all of the bad comments I was a little discouraged to write anything back out of fear.

    I wear this outfit to work each & every night & I cannot even begin to tell you how much more money I make now that I strut around in this fabulous pantsuit. It's $128 and I thought that was a deal...I would of spent 3 times that much for it. I'm getting married next June & Arden B. has been so kind to give me a brand new one so I can wear it on my wedding day...I'm estatic! ARDEN B. FO LIFE!!!!

  7. This jumpsuit is gorgeous. It's definately not for the timid or the out of shape. Arden B makes great clothing and this jumpsuit is no exeception.

  8. SeXy WoRkIn GaL please do not wear this to your wedding. I mean.. if you wear this EVERY NIGHT to work, why the hell would you want to wear your work outfit on your wedding day?!?
    its looks suitable for vegas.. dont get me wrong though.. i like arden b. just not this jumpsuit.

  9. This jumpsuit reminds me of the sex working gals who walk around in Vegas. It may look sexy to guys but definitely not classy at all.