May 30, 2007

Style Verdict: Metallic Minis

Fabulous bling dresses! I'm surprised that I'm even a fan of this look because it's sooo "out in front." There's no way to assume the role of the shy wallflower while rocking this style of dress. It just can't be done. You're basically walking around like a spotlight! It's a perfect choice for a party dress! And I think it looks equally chic on both the younger (Nikki Hilton, Carmen Electra) and the more "sophistcated" set (Kate Walsh, Sarah Jessica, and Cindy Crawford). The metallic mini trend doesn't doesn't age discriminate! I love it! But I want to know what you think. Do you like this trend? Do you hate it? Don't care? Would you wear it? I wanna know your style verdict.

Photo Source: Life & Style Magazine online


  1. I don't know yet... it screams LAS VEGAS at me, but maybe it will grow on me.

  2. I wouldn't call Carmen Electra much "younger" than Kate Walsh. I think she is only a couple of years younger (both in their 30s).

  3. I like it, but you have to know how to carry the look. It is one step away from hooker.

  4. It looks very (Las Vegas Stripper) style to me but if the added more jewelry and if the were slightly longer it might look slighty modest.But I do like the purses on the right corner!
    Very Cute!

  5. Express has a metallic mini dress in their stores. A black one and a bright pink one. It's cute, but the dress has no shape to it so you have to have the right figure for it.

    Yeah, it's very Las Vegas.

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE the metallic look!!!

  7. 1st of all, older women should b waaaaaay past the "i-like-to-party-all-the-time-let-me-put-on-this-shiny-ass-METALLIC-dress" phase lolz. tht dress IS NOT cute on them. the cutoff age should b like 25 or something. 2nd of all, even though the metallic look is cute on SOME ppl, NOT EVERYONE CAN WEAR IT. if it doesn't fit your skintone/bodytype/personality, whatever, don't let me or ne1 else 4 tht matter, catch u tryin 2 rock tht little shiny dress @ the club. most ppl won't hesistate 2 tell u tht u look a mess.




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