May 17, 2007

Jaslene is America's Next Top Model!

Ms. "Cha-Cha Diva" won the coveted title for Cycle 8! And I must say, she was my pick out of the 3. So... YAY! (And completely off topic: but BOO! On Melinda Doolittle not making the FINAL 2 on AMERICAN IDOL!!! BOO America! Ok... back to Top Model business..) I'll be interviewing all 3 of the girls tomorrow (Renee, Natasha and Top Model winner Jaslene) so bear with me, won't you? That's some major interviewing for one day, but I'll be working hard to get them posted up as soon as I can! If you have questions for them, hit me up in the comments, and I'll try to work 'em in!

Go Jaslene!


  1. Could you please ask them all their date of births and place of birth please? I want to know how old each of them all (not just a number (e.g. oh, so and so is 18 years old, etc) you know).

  2. oh, and perhaps their model measurements too..

  3. That can all be found on the CW website AND wikipedia, but finding out the real ones would be better then relying on wikipedia. Oh somethings I would be intrested in are, the nitty-gritty like what they didnt show on TV knowing what *really* went on when the cameras edited the stuff out, or even what Jaslene thinks about winning ANTM an the prizes.

    Oh and HELL YES FOR JASLENE WINNING!!!!! Man sooo happy to hear that whooooooo!!!!

  4. "That can all be found on the CW website AND wikipedia"

    No, it can't actually. It just says Age (and number), and home town. It doesn't actually say the DOB or POB.

  5. Find a few stats on the girls from Top Model Cycle 8 here.

  6. Congrats Jaslene! I knew u could do it girl!

  7. I thought it was neat how two girls who's heritage was of another country ended up in the top 2.... they both had the same dream though. Kudos to them!

    And go Cha-Cha Diva! She's been pretty driven throughout the competition, I think I felt that she should win from the very beginning... But at the time I felt like ANTM might make a decision based on ratings, and not who deserved it the most. Turns out they made the right decision!

    Jaslene's photos are undeniably amazing.

    I like Natasha too, but I think she'll do well regardless. At least I hope she does, the same goes for Renee, or Nene.

  8. I had a feeling about Jaslene the whole season, I just KNEW she'd win. I'm glad she did, she deserves it!

  9. Hey chanel, it's me (the anon from before). I must be honest with you, and admit that I'm an editor at Wikipedia. Somehow, the place of birth was discovered, but her DOB is still unknown.

    Also, could you ask Natasha what her husband's name is, to end that whole controversy, and also ask them what they are going to do in the near future.

  10. Hi everyone I just wanted to say that I'm very happy that Jaslene won even though I wanted Natasha to . But Congratulations Jaslene !!




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