March 19, 2007

Dancing With The Stars Season 4! Will You Watch?

Will I be watching this new season of Dancing With The Stars you ask? Have you read my profile??! [in the tune of "Ebony & Ivory"] Meeee, and Reality TV... live together in perfect... harmony... lol! DWTS airs TONIGHT at 8/7 Central. Click to see the rest of the DWTS Contestants here.


  1. OF COURSE it airs the night I decide to give my Gym-Life a "jump start".... I really wanted to watch b/c I saw a Life Time Special on Laila Ali last night... I'm starting to like her. Guess I'll have to rely on YouTube...

  2. As a matter of fact, I thought of Laila Ali when I saw the model in pink on your previous post...some slight resemblance.

  3. Just going through different blog and ran across your.Now for dancing with the stars when here Laila Ali was going to dance I must watch it.

  4. She did pretty well... I must say... She's quite graceful, and is PRETTY!

    (I just took over one of the tv's in the cardio area at the

  5. I watched last night, and I was very impressed with Laila Ali. I'm gonna be tuning in next week, lol.