February 21, 2007

Where Ya At Girl... Where Ya At Girl...

Ya'll... and I know my true blog readers have noticed, but seriously, I haven't been the same since all the FASHIONWEEK posts. Covering that whole scene burned up scores of my usually perky, fun-filled, infectious, "post every day" energy.

But rest assured, when I emerge from this minor slump, that I'll be BRINGING IT! For real.

Hip Candy readers are the best in the WORLD. Thank ya'll for reading.


  1. *staring blankly at the screen*



    Don't feel bad. FashionWeek is not really to blame. The news that James Brown is finally being buried kinda took the wind outta my sails to. He had become the source of so much joy over the last couple of months. Guess we'll have to find another dead, yet ever-present celebrity to inspire us.

  2. Nita! U are... I don't know what you are, but that right there made me laugh.

    And thanx Erica! That's the sweetest thing EVER.

  3. blog slumps are the worst. totally feel your pain. totally love your blog.

  4. Thanx Winona! I ♥ your blog too!