January 4, 2007

They're Talkin' 'Bout Me!

I have some fabulous PRESS! I'm in the January 2007 issue of local style and entertainment magazine, 225! [for those who don't live here, 225 is the area code] Shout out to 225 staff writer Sarah Young who thought enough of Hip Candy to include it in their "Whispers" section! And another special shout out to my girl Kimberly Brannon who took a most stunning photo of yours truly (visit my myspace to see a few more fab pics Kimberly took of me for my birthday last year). Yay! Click on the pic above to read the 225 issue online and see my article below:

{Click pic for a better view}


Grateful Lisa said...

Go ahead, Chanel! What a great start to 2007 and a sign of things to come. Congrats! Oh, it's about to be on now. Love your blog. So glad I was led to you.


kia said...

congrats chanel!!! that is fabulous and you are doing it big! as grateful lisa said, great way to stary 2007! we'll read you all the way to the top!

Nicky said...

congrats!! and beautiful pic by the way:)

MahoganyGirl said...


Hardwork pays off.

Much Love,



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