January 11, 2007

Style Verdict: Baby Doll Mini Dresses in Black

Ok, I have to admit, I LOVE this babydoll mini trend! Everytime I see it, I picture myself looking oh so fab in one of my own! Sienna Miller wears hers with a bare leg, sandals, matching bag and necklace. "Joan" (Tracee Ellis Ross) wore hers with leggings, black pumps and a headband (cute!) in the "Everybody Hates Monica" episode of "Girlfriends". And the last dress by Foley is lace (Shop Bop) and is accessorized with black hosiery and pumps. Nice all three ways! Now that you know that I'm head over heels for the trend, what are YOUR thoughts on it? Do you like it? Hate it? Don't care? Would you wear it? I wanna know YOUR style verdict.


  1. I love how "Joan" wore her dress Monday. very cute but still grown up

  2. I have one. I wear it with textured hose and black patent platform pumps.

  3. I'm really feeling Joan's look - a perfect mix of sweet and chic!

  4. I love this trend! So fab! I wear it with hose or leggings.

  5. I had 'Girlfriends' on the DVR, had to go back and watch it. I love the way Joan is rocking the look. I think I may be making a cute little black number. If I do, I will definitely reference this post.

  6. Ooh Erica! Me too! I'm completely LOVING this look right now! Can't wait to see if you do one!

    I'm not really gonna sew one, but I have a dress in my closet now that hasn't been gettin' any love... but if I alter it a bit by shortening the length, it'll have renewed life! It has the "potential" to be a cute little black baby doll mini! We'll see how it goes!

  7. this is very cute! however, i doubt that i'll be doing it. i'd probably look three months pregnant in a baby doll dress!






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