January 7, 2007

Hip Style Links...

Yellow is what's up for Spring '07. [Adventures in the Stiletto Jungle]

Socks and Sandals? Marc Jacobs or not, it's a FASHION NO NO. [B Glam]

Gwen Stefani's look for less. [Cheap Chica]

Probably one of the greatest inventions. EVER. [Daddy Likey]

Nice clear framed sunglasses. Those "Courtney Classic Vintage" Frames are for me. [Fabsugar]

Who needs a vacation? You couldn't see me, but I had up BOTH MY HANDS. Check out Bebe's resort collection. [Fashion Nette-Work]

Just in time for Valentine's Day. [Stained Couture]

Some cute gear if you're resolved to excercise more in '07. [Style Bytes]

Tyra Banks in Vanity Fair, HOT.
Eva Mendes in Citizen K Magazine, NOT. [Style It]


  1. Socks and Sandals? Marc Jacobs or not, it's a FASHION NO NO.

    Hey, my Daddy's been rockin' socks and sandals since the late 70s. I'm telling you, that's what's hot! It's so versatile...you can wear them with shorts, hospital pants, a suit on your way to church, khaki pants on your way to dinner...whateva!

    Imma stop giving up insider tips to the Fredrick George collection. Just let Marc Jacobs know that he should expect a letter from my family's attorney.

  2. I like the "HOT, and "NOT"!! Those are cute.




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