January 8, 2007

Cute, Not Cute: Foliage Felt Collar

This bold felt collar by Candy Thief is made out of a wool-blend felt, crafted into foliage and then lined with warm flannel. It technically is still winter, and it's different from your basic winter scarf I guess. But what are your thoughts on this new crafty invention? Cute or not cute?



StilettoJungle said...

Truthfully, I find it a little scary. Way too costume-y for my taste.

nitabita said...

Is somebody having designer's block? Leaves? What's next...dog poo belts?

Nikky said...

That's pretty funny, is fashion supposed to make me laugh? ;)

Keli said...

I will have to go with not cute.

juiicySCOOP said...

Not cute, but I can see it growing on me.

annieglypta said...

I like the basic idea as a starting point for development. I wouldn't describe it as cute - but then again I hate cute!



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