August 28, 2006

Brand New Jeans by WHO??? WHAT!!!

This one right here totally through me for a loop... I swear I almost choked on a piece of ice when I got this in my inbox. That's right... it's WRANGLER! Wrangler has hot, right now "it girl" jeans! They have bootcut, low-rise, and shocker! Even skinny jeans! They also come with an "A-list" price tag of $125! Who woulda thought? I mean it's WRANGLER! I'm still wondering why I didn't know about this...

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Check out the description:
Contemporary wear goes real old school with the original rough-rider of jeans. With a name like Wrangler, fashion just got the ultimate denim cred.
Wash - Resin Dark Abrasion
7.5" Rise
98% cotton 2% spandex
12" in the knee and 12" at the leg opening

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All I have to say is, WOW. Wanna browse a little more or think you'd look good in a pair? Go right here to take a look see.
Until next time ya'll!


samida said...

"Wow" is the right word! I am also attempting to kill my fashionable future by saying I think that they are kinda hot. Its just super hard to get past the name "Wrangler" scribbled on my butt.

Keli said...
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Keli said...

Oops, too many typos in above comment.

My dad is a cowboy, and he buys his Wranglers for like $19.99 at Wally World. These are some cute jeans, and if I find them in my size (for a reasonable price) I might cop a pair...I have a pair of cowboy boots, that would look good with bootcut wranglers.

Anonymous said...

The jeans are cute and I would buy a pair but I can't see paying $125 for Wranglers. Are they crazy!

SerenityOnStyle said...

Nope -- no $125 for Wrangler...I think not!

bikini bob said...

Hey ! I checked out Wranglers at, and I found bootcut jeans like the ones you mentioned here (7.5" rise, etc), and they were only 35 bucks !!! Where did you get the $125 price ?

bikini bob said...

I think most men's jeans suck big time ! Men's "low rise" jeans aren't all that "Low rise" either. I have found that "Junior's" jeans in the Low-Rise and ultra low-rise category fit me perfect (I'm a 50 yr old man in great shape)! So I'll be checking these Wrangler jeans out soon !!

bikini bob said...

If anyone (M/F) wants to have perfect fitting jeans "made to order" for an affordable price ($50) made JUST how you want them, then go to "". They have been on "Oprah" and other TV shows. Lo-Rise, Standard, straight or bell leg, stretch or no-stretch, Brazilian, cloning of your favorite pair, any way you want them!



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