July 31, 2006

Victoria's Secret's Launches Makeup + Diddy in France & More

Victoria's Secret launched it's "Very Sexy" makeup today in L.A.

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Looking at these women makes me regret all the Walnut ice cream I ate last week...

The MTV Video Music Awards press conference was also held earlier today in New York...
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T.I., Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and MTV President, Christina Norman

Rosario Dawson hosted the Alterna party for Voto Latino in Malibu on Sunday...
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That sand and water behind her is seriously calling me...

Diddy did a press conference/photo call for his "Unforgiveable" fragrance in St. Tropez... (July 31)
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These vacation pics are gonna make me scream.

Pics from Diddy's Dinner arrival on the Yacht later that evening, also for his "Unforgiveable" Fragrance.
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Barefoot, of course, because this is how you should host all formal parties...

And finally, arriving with Kim to his afterparty... with a new outfit & shoes. As for Kim... she's pretty, not a huge fan of the dress though.

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until next time ya'll...


Kelly said...

I love the picture of the Victorias Secret girls. I can't get over how beautiful Heidi Klum looks - she's the most beautiful pregnant woman ever. Sigh.

eclectik said...

Something about that Kim Porter is just...not...right...she's just, not...not...what is the word...attractive! that's it!

Hey Chanel!!!

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luiza_sanchez2 said...

i think that kim looks very nice... and she's pretty!

nitabita said...

hey eclectik...we're on the same page with Kimmy P. I'm just not feelin' her.

On the other hand, I would wear that little black dress she has on if I had legs like Heidi Klum! Whenever I settle down and start a family, she's my inspiration for my pregnancy look (hope her babies don't look like the baby daddy!). No elastic pants and sweatshirts for me. I'm goin' for the hip candy best dressed mama-to-be blog!

Sarah B. ;-) said...

Yea we all want to look good when we're pregnant...Of course it helps when you have millions of dollars to spend on professional trainers, dieticians, nutritionists, personal shoppers, makeup artists, personal beuticians/hair stylists, and fashion consultants.... NOT to mention all of the clothes she could get her hands on to just doing her job as a Model/Fashion Design TV Show Host...For the rest of us, well, I'll do the best I can with what I have ;-)

Nitabita... I have a feeling that whenever you are pregnant, you'll be just like Heidi, and nobody will be able to tell you were childbearing if it weren't for that cute little round belly you will have. (Everything else will probably stay the same and not expand to the Nth degree like mine did - Thank GOD for Pilates!!!)...

Ok, got way off topic of what I originally wanted to say. The V.S. girls are HOT! That's why they are who they are, Diddy's bare feet make me laugh and cringe in disgust at the same time. And since everyone's commenting on Ms. Kim, she's not ugly, but she's no Liya Kebede- she just looks like she takes care of herself with the dough she's rollin in. The black handkerchief- I mean dress, that she wore could have stayed on the store rack. And is it me, or is Beyonce is looking more and more like Mrs. Knowles (her mama) every day...ok I'm done.



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