July 27, 2006

I'm Currently Stalking...

This fleshtone Catherine Malandrino party dress. Hot. If you had the chance to read my blog entry, "Things you maybe didn't know about me" you'd know my feelings for Ms. Malandrino's pieces. She is a very talented designer.

I think it's the color-blocking detail in the dress hem that I'm most exited about. I'm loving the contrast of the flesh tone against the black and white.

It has a built in shelf bra with hidden zipper in back. The empire waist and the pin-tucked bodice complete this stunning creation.

With a price tag of $575 (Shop Bop), I am stalking the dress until it turns up in a fabulous sale... or until I decide to go and buy some fabric to knock it off myself... whichever happens first.

Check out more of Catherine's stylish pieces on her website.



Ronnie Edwards said...

Hip Candy! This is really you! Your commentary is soooooooo refreshing. Keep up the blog and I promise I'll visit regularly to keep current on the latest trends in fashion and celebrity issues!

Sarah B. ;-) said...

Yup, could DEFINITELY see you rockin this dress... and I could see me rockin it too! lol!...when it goes on sale of course, or I get the 6-figure raise...whichever comes first. ;-)

Sarah B. ;-) said...





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