June 25, 2006

Style Verdict - Leggings

I have an announcement to make.. a confession, if you will, about this new legging trend. At first glance, I know, it's mind boggling... why would anybody do this? What's the point of this look? My announcement? I must confess that I have succumbed to this latest "here today, probably gone next week" trend. BUT! In my defense, I bought them with the best intentions! Being that it is summertime, I have all of these summer dresses that are cool, but also paper thin. And I feel the same way about slips as I do about pantyhose (see #34 in "things you maybe didn't know about me") so I saw the leggings as a neat alternative. And I would wear mine closer to the way LC is wearing hers in the single photo on the left. So what do YOU think? Do you like it? Hate it? Don't care? Would you wear it? I wanna know your style verdict.


  1. Sarah M. Broome :-)Mon Jun 26, 12:15:00 PM 2006

    Wow...leggings. I think I'm afraid of what may come next. I thought people hated the styles of the eighties, almost taboo these days...not that I ever know what the "in" thing is until it's just about "sooo out." Anyway, I thought leggings were for exercising and worn to intentionally make you sweat...I could be way off though. But we all know that when Hollywood fashion speaks- EVERYONE listens... I did notice a young teen pleading with her mom for some leggings while I was perusing the racks at Target (my new favorite casual shop til you drop stop)...but this is not me saying that you'll NEVER catch me in some leggings, I just have to let them grow on me... then one day, and probably only once, you'll see me build up the courage to where them. So, they're ok, I guess. BUT, if they become so "in" that every other female (or male) has them on... don't count on me squeezing into them anytime soon.

    So, would the foreman please read the Style Verdict?: Your Honor... it's a hung jury.

  2. I'm glad someone is into the latest trends. I've seen people sport them around but I haven't attempted to try them myself. I'm too short to attempt them...in other words I'm scared to look crazy. But with your fashion expertise being reported on this daily blog, I think I'm going to step "outside the box" and see what I may look like. So my verdict...interesting and cute...I like the trend.

  3. I think it's a cute look, but you must know how to wear it to pull it off. In my humble opinion, it's not for EVERYBODY; and some folks need to just leave it alone altogether--such as those witnessed on the previous page. LOL

  4. Ummmm...I can't say that I will promote this trend. I think that if we let this get out of hand, we may really see legwarmers and stir-up pants around November. JUST SAY NO TO THE 80's!!!

    On the other hand, I would rock a pair UNDERNEATH a summer dress or linen pants, but only if they are not visible.

    Your Honor, the verdict...definitely a Fashion Don't (in my opinion of course! :-)

  5. Leggings are totally out of my league. I recommend only as a last resort. It appears toooooo layered looking to me and distracts from the overall polished package if going out in public. I would probably use only as an alternative to lounge wear or workout clothes.

  6. I would have to say the same. I thought it was like ugly when the trend first came to be. But now I would have to say I like the look. It's cute.

  7. I groaned and gnashed my teeth when I saw leggings coming back, but I have to say they're growing on me. Would I wear them? Unlikely. I think I prefer a more polished look on me too. I always wait so long on trends though, that by the time I come around, they're on the way out. The thing is, I'm suddenly dying to wear the new denim minis, and I just don't think it's possible with my legs. So it's tempting. For now I'll let the boho drama students wear them while I wait and see.

  8. It's funny how the fashion industry can almost "brainwash" us into liking certain looks. I, too, used to think the whole legging thing was positively horrid; however, now I think they are cute (within reason--no neon pink for me). I own a pair in black and I think they're a great underneath skirts that are shorter. Fun look to try, but it likely won't last very long. Who cares! As it's been said previously, they can be used as exercise gear after the trend's dead.




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