December 22, 2014

HOLIDAY CHEER: O Holy Night by Kelly Clarkson...

December 13, 2014

SHOPPING: Knee High Boots for Less Than $100!

Knee high boots. Now I have to be honest, this is one trend I thought I would never be into but slowly, I've been convinced.  I've seen them styled in so many fab ways. And don't act like I'm the only one that thought they were just street walker shoes, because they're not! They're cute! And perfect for when you want leg coverage but you don't wanna wear pants or tights. I think they look fabulous over skinny jeans or styled with chunky sweaters. It's a hot look. Scroll through below to browse and shop knee high boot styles for less than $100 bucks! Nice.

December 11, 2014

A Shiny Badgley Mischka Holiday Dress For How Much???

$50 bucks. 5 $10 dollar bills for a Mark & James by Badgley Mischka Mini Sequin Pixie Dress that would steal the show at any holiday party or New Year's Eve celebration. Look like you spent an entire paycheck all while not even putting a dent in your wallet. Shop the dress below. 
You're welcome.

November 28, 2014

SEWING: The Evolution of a Dress...

Do you remember this dress? It's a sewing redo I did over a year ago and I'm only posting on it again because I wanted to see if a) it would still fit the same as it did over a year ago (yay! it does!) and b) how it would look slightly accessorized against a different background to add more texture. I like. And for those curious about my hair, it's deep twist crochet braids (my 3rd install). A few more pics below!

The dress before I did it over, and OMG my long hair! This was also the same year I decided, no more perms.
and after.

Photos taken in front of the Marigny Opera House aka The Holy Trinity Church in New Orleans where Solange Knowles was recently married.

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November 21, 2014

And The Most Fabulous Celebrity Weddings of 2014 Are.....

The two unions pictured above! The nuptials of Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney, and Solange Knowles and Alan Ferguson were far more extraordinary (FAR MORE) than any other celebrity wedding this year, hands down! Period, THE END! No other competition. Angelina and Brad? YAWN. Kim and Kanye? Are you kidding me with that?? Because But I could not get enough of Amal and Solange's wedding extravaganzas! Could you imagine being an invited guest at one or BOTH of these weddings? The old Hollywood glamour and elegance of George and Amal's wedding weekend in Venice Italy was unmatched and the creative artistry and mad FLAVOR of Alan and Solange's wedding weekend in New Orleans will probably be often imitated, but never duplicated.

Look, I made a decision to shift this blog from celebrity news more to personal style at the beginning of this year, and I'm enjoying taking my blog in this new direction, but these two weddings, these two larger than life celebrity weddings right here, I just HAD to speak on. First off Amal and Solange threw down the GAUNTLET on their wedding weekend style. These ladies brought it with every. Single. Outfit change. Girrrrlll...

Amal arrived glamorously to their wedding weekend in Venice in a black and white Dolce and Gabbana dress and I remember thinking when I first saw pics of her in that black and white while carrying that hat box (with their initials on it!) that in addition to being majorly accomplished, she was also on her way to being a real style star. For their rehearsal dinner, she wowed in a red Alexander McQueen gown, the day after the wedding she wore a high/low white lace floral Giambattista Valli Couture dress and then finally, she brought some vintage Bianca Jagger realness to that all white Stella McCartney pantsuit with matching hat. She was simply amazing. And she and George look amazing together.  Now on to my girl Solange (who I'm friends with in my head)...

Solange kept a bridal fabulous, all white theme for her New Orleans wedding weekend and she pulled each look off flawlessly with her effortless "cool girl" style. On Friday night, she arrived to the Indywood Theater in a white Ellery dress (where she and Alan showed a video on how they first met to their guests *awww* and then watched "Mahogany" the first movie they saw together). The rest of her wedding weekend (apart from her Kenzo wedding gown) would be dedicated to French designer Stéphane Rolland's couture jumpsuits. Her one shoulder, asymmetrical jumpsuit with frothy layers was the rehearsal dinner look, the caped tailored jumpsuit (my favorite!) was Solange's pre-wedding look where she and Alan arrived to the wedding venue on white bicycles. And finally, the winged jumpsuit with plunging neckline would be what she would wear to second line dance the night away after the ceremony. But the picture from Solange's wedding that had everyone talking was THIS ONE. Stunning. These two weddings just felt well-planned and beautifully executed. These weddings gave us DRAMA! GLAMOUR! SPECTACLE! There was just so much "pretty" to look at. George Clooney seems really in love with Amal and Alan seems a perfect match for Solange and father figure for her son Juelz. Even her mother thinks so. Congratulations again to both of these beautiful couples.

November 20, 2014

My Style Diary: Denim and Leather...

Well vegan leather. I like the term "vegan" leather, better than "faux" leather or pleather. Because really, who in the world still says "pleather???" *crickets* EXACTLY. Anyhoo, I got the idea/inspiration for this outfit from the always stylish Olivia Palermo. I get excited when I'm browsing Pinterest style boards and I see a cute outfit I like and then suddenly realize I have all the elements in my closet to make it happen. Sweet. 
Shop similar looks below! 

Denim Shirt, Old Navy | Vegan Leather Pants, H&M | Cobalt Blue Janine Pumps

November 16, 2014

November 14, 2014

The Classic Trench Coat Never Goes Out of Style...

It's true, the classic trench coat is timeless. It's the same coat decades ago as it is today. Mine is from Old Navy and it has a fun, bright sunshine yellow lining. I purchased it eons ago. And this is my second coat outfit post in less than a month, so I guess you're saying, "look at her. She can't wait to wear all her coats..." and that wouldn't be be entirely false, lol. I LOVE FALL! I'm usually a little iffy on Winter, but Fall is my jam. And how about my socks and sandals? That's one of those trends fashion insiders have been trying to make happen for a minute now, I was never completely pro or con on it, but frigid temps will sometimes make that decision for you. I don't hate it and it worked out in that my feet didn't freeze. A few more pics and shop similar classic trench coats below!

Close up of my argyle socks and sandals. Cold, my feet were not.

November 3, 2014

My Style Diary: Casual Leopard Coat...

The first day of November was crisp and chilly here in New Orleans and I knew we were going out, so I thought what better time to dig deep into my closet for my leopard coat? And am I the only one who thought you had to dress a leopard coat way up to be styled right? Because no! A leopard coat can be dressed down and casual and still look great! Wanna see what convinced me? See HERE, HERE and HERE. Still fab right? And oh! My HAIR, she is growing back nicely. If you've been following my hair journey, just FYI, I kept in my 2nd installment of crochet braids for 3 weeks (and a day) same as the first time. I really think 3 weeks is my protective hairstyle threshold. But one thing that the crochet braids do very well for me, is that they keep my hands out of my hair. They really just give my hair a chance to be left alone, to be healthy and grow. So I'll be doing a 3rd installment of crochet braids soooon... and about my leopard coat look? You can shop similar looks below!

Monday Motivation...

November 1, 2014

Turn Out For What?! Hashtag GOVOTE.

Mid-term elections y'all! And they're counting on you not to show up. Don't give them the satisfaction. SHOW UP! Make your voices heard! Don't like whose in office in your city/state? Go vote for the other person who's talking more sense. Don't like the violation of basic human rights you've witnessed in city after city in this country? VOTING is your chance to change that. So if you haven't voted early, get out and vote on Tuesday, November 4. 
Don't miss out on your chance to make a difference.

October 27, 2014

LINK: 12 Cute DIY Costume Ideas...

Are you all into dressing up for Halloween but you waited until the last minute to get a costume together? Well Hip Candy is here to help with a few ideas! Click HERE or the pic above to see...

October 22, 2014

Shop The Trend! Double Denim...

Double Denim made a splash in the last couple years from runways to celebrities sporting the trend! 
Click the pics below to shop this style! 
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October 20, 2014

My Most Frequently Asked Sewing Question: Do You Sew For Hire?

Yes I sew, but not for hire. Now let me explain. First of all, I am flattered, FLATTERED! That people would want me to create/sew/alter/fix something for them. I've even had success sewing for folks in the past, albeit reluctantly. Sewing for me is a creative outlet, much the same as someone who takes up painting or photography or dancing... as a hobby. Back in 1998 and 1999 I lived in Los Angeles attending school for Fashion Design. There is where I was taught how to design a cohesive ready-to-wear clothing collection. This is also where (again, reluctantly) I learned how to sew. Over time, I've learned to appreciate knowing how to sew but at the same time, when I graduated from the design program, I never, ever, not once considered myself a seamstress, and I still don't because I'm NOT. I simply just happen to know how to sew and I'm still learning! 

But you sew so well, what about sewing for people on the side? You could earn extra $$$!

What about doing simple alterations for people for $$$?

What about....?
Sorry to cut you off, but 

I also want to be clear to anyone who has ever asked me to create/sew/alter/fix something for them, without knowing my NOPE policy on it, I want you to know that this is all on ME for not clearly articulating exactly what I'm here for and what I'm not here for. But when I finally do launch something big in the marketplace using my sewing and design skill, trust me, you will be some of the very first to know it. Thank you guys so much for understanding and I appreciate ALL OF YOU!!! :)

Monday Motivation...

Just do it!



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