October 20, 2014

My Most Frequently Asked Sewing Question: Do You Sew For Hire?

Yes I sew, but not for hire. Now let me explain. First of all, I am flattered, FLATTERED! That people would want me to create/sew/alter/fix something for them. I've even had success sewing for folks in the past, albeit reluctantly. Sewing for me is a creative outlet, much the same as someone who takes up painting or photography or dancing... as a hobby. Back in 1998 and 1999 I lived in Los Angeles attending school for Fashion Design. There is where I was taught how to design a cohesive ready-to-wear clothing collection. This is also where (again, reluctantly) I learned how to sew. Over time, I've learned to appreciate knowing how to sew but at the same time, when I graduated from the design program, I never, ever, not once considered myself a seamstress, and I still don't because I'm NOT. I simply just happen to know how to sew and I'm still learning! 

But you sew so well, what about sewing for people on the side? You could earn extra $$$!

What about doing simple alterations for people for $$$?

What about....?
Sorry to cut you off, but 

I also want to be clear to anyone who has ever asked me to create/sew/alter/fix something for them, without knowing my NOPE policy on it, I want you to know that this is all on ME for not clearly articulating exactly what I'm here for and what I'm not here for. But when I finally do launch something big in the marketplace using my sewing and design skill, trust me, you will be some of the very first to know it. Thank you guys so much for understanding and I appreciate ALL OF YOU!!! :)

Monday Motivation...

Just do it!

October 19, 2014

Sunday Inspiration...

October 17, 2014

SEWING: DIY Dress to Skirt Remix...

I've had a mini obsession with full skirts for a minute now. And a few months ago, I had the idea to turn a gingham dress I'd made a few years ago into a fun full skirt. With POCKETS! Because my dress already had pockets when I made it before. The pic below is a before shot of the gingham "Mad Men" dress I made back in 2009.
What I did was pick the seam apart from the bodice of the dress, only leaving the skirt portion because I wanted to make a new, more fitted waistband than the loose fitting one I had on the dress. The loose waistband is easier to see on me wearing the dress here. So I did have a bit of waist measuring and tailoring to do. I also didn't want to fight with re-doing the gathers so I decided to do large pleats instead. And I have to pat myself on the back a little bit right here, because It's clear to me how far I've come with my sewing, I see visible progress from my dress back in 2009 to this remixed skirt (2014). Just the fit of the waist of my skirt alone is a marked improvement. So yay!
White Button Shirt, Old Navy | Gingham Skirt, DIY | Yellow Pointed Pumps, Comfort Plus by Predictions

The skirt styled in different ways below...
(above) Sporty: With a crop top and (my favorite!) Nine West sneaks
Mixed Prints: Stripes and gingham plaid

Let me know what you think! I'm pretty pleased with the outcome :) 
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October 14, 2014

My Style Diary: Double Denim...

This double denim trend reached a fever pitch during Spring 2014 and it was also something that I always consciously stayed away from. Wearing full denim somehow reminded me of chain gangs because didn't they dress like that?? IDK. The double denim look is also known as a "Canadian Tuxedo" I just learned that a few months ago. Well leave it to celebrities to blow up a trend, because they were wearing double denim left and right this year. And a few of them even made it look kinda doable. Hence this outfit post. In the following pics, I take this trend out for a quick test drive, get the deets on my outfit and also browse and shop similar looks below...
My Outfit Details: Denim Shirt, Old Navy | Cropped Denim Boyfriend Jeans, F21 | Peep Toe Cork Heels, Sofft Shoes | Cassette Tote, don't remember (sorry) 
Browse & shop similar denim looks below!
Just A POSE.

Travel Tuesday: Travel Inspiration...

That's deep. #Travel

October 13, 2014

Monday Motivation... Hustle.

Whether its working out, getting fit or working to get to the next level to make big stuff happen...

Monday Motivation...

October 3, 2014

Fab Fro Friday! Power Puff Girls...

Power Puff Girls ACTIVATE! lol. With a few good products to achieve the perfect puff.

All photos spotted on Pinterest

October 2, 2014

I Bought a Pair of Payless Shoes And Surprise! They Felt Great.

Now, look, I know what you're thinking, "Payless Shoes... really? I can't wear them, their shoes are plastic and they hurt my feet." But I can personally attest to their new "Comfort Plus and Dexflex" line of comfortably stylish shoes as I currently own 2 pair and I can just about wear them all day. If you've seen my current profile pic, you've seen me in a pair of sunshine yellow Comfort Plus Payless Heels (my 2nd pair is a Cobalt Blue similar to these)
The first day I wore them, without having the benefit of breaking them in, I kept them on all day with no problem. I went to church, visited family and basically walked around in them from morning until evening like I had on a pair of flat shoes or sneaks (my favorite) Color me shocked too, because I'm not the heels all day or "the higher the heel the better" type. I've said this before, but I'll say it again, FLAT SHOES ARE MY JAM. So when these shoes didn't cripple me after having them on all day, I felt like I'd really found something. Maybe you can too! #stylemeetscomfort
Payless ShoeSource

September 30, 2014

The 30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge!

I'm going to do this! And I'm being 100% realistic, because I probably won't do it all 30 days, but the point is to move in that direction of eating healthier and taking better care of me. You tend to know exactly when you've been over-indulgent eating and drinking and gorging on whatever (whatever!) you feel like stuffing into your pie-hole. And don't sit there reading this acting like that's just me. Nope. We ALL do that. Well the folks over at Simple Green Smoothies want to help you to "make healthy eating a lifestyle - not a diet" October is already upon us (a brand new month, MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!) so what better way to kick off a new month than doing something healthy and beneficial to YOU? I even went to the grocery and got my ingredients for my Day 1 and Day 2 smoothies. I'm excited to see how participating in this will make me look and feel over the longer run. How about you? You in?

Travel Tuesday: Fun Kate Spade Stowaway Luggage...

How adorable is this luggage? The bright, colorful handles, the multi-colored patterned lining and the overall vintage look of these bags really give them a throwback luxury train travel feel. A bit on the pricier side for luggage ($$$) but still cute nonetheless, yes? Leave it to Kate Spade to inspire you to want more attractive luggage.

Travel Tuesday! Will Work For Travel...

I ABSOLUTELY will :) #TravelTuesday

September 29, 2014

Hey Hey! It's National Coffee Day!

Today is #NationalCoffeeDay! So you know what that means? A bunch of different coffee shops are giving away FREE CUPS OF COFFEE. I'd already made a Starbucks run this morning before reading anything about this (I really wanted a latte and cheese danish) so it's too late for me :( but maybe not for you! Go get your free coffee now! And if you're a huge coffee fan like me, show your coffee pride with one of the stylish coffee tees below:



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