July 27, 2014

Sunday Inspiration...

July 22, 2014

Solange Knowles Love Letter to New Orleans...

No, this is not Fab Fro Friday, I spotted Solange's sweet love letter to New Orleans on her Instagram page. In the post, she wrote:

#latergram Boyfriend took this of me the other night when we got home from dancing... I was happy. I am happy here. Thank you nola for giving me so many wonderful, rich, and endless days of joy. For giving my son one of the best summer experiences. For the night I danced until 8 am in a place filled with nothing but love. I fall in love with you more and more every day. You are magic. I am grateful. #nola

As a NOLA newbie myself, I couldn't agree with her more! New Orleans IS "magic" In related news, somebody spotted her sister and brother-in-law leaving Gene's Poboy on Elysian Fields and St. Claude while they were here in the city for their On The Run Tour #neworleans

July 19, 2014

Saturday Summer Street Style...

Photo via Pinterest
One of the most fashionable, on trend styles to emerge recently are full skirts paired with crop tops. I honestly don't ever get tired of seeing this look. I've seen full skirts paired with heels, boots, flats even sneakers! The look always works. Especially if your thighs happen to rub on occasion like mine do (booooo -me) because in a full skirt, no one can tell. BOOM. Winning. 
Shop similar looks below:

July 11, 2014

Fab Fro Friday...

Starting today I want to showcase some of the AWESOME curly fros and curly girls (and guys!) that I see all over these interwebs. So every Friday from today on on this site, will be "Fab Fro Friday" because, why not? #HAIR :)


July 7, 2014

OUTFIT POST: Southern Seersucker Summer...

Seersucker is a classic Southern tradition. It's Southern Culture. And even though I was born and raised and still reside in the South, I don't really consider myself as all that "Southern" I just don't, never have. I even took one of those online quizzes recently that pretty much confirmed that (the quiz said I was 57% Southern) so see? There you go. I just thought the pants were cute and perfect for summer. Anyhoo, I found these pants one day out thrifting with one of my nephews, not even looking for anything of the sort, but at FOUR BUCKS that just happened to be in MY SIZE, you know what? Why not. So I get them home, try them on and they fit like a glove, there was only one problem. Seersucker fabric can be pretty thin and the white pockets were shining through these pants like a spotlight, so I had to remove them, which was kinda sad for me because I luvs the pockets :( But after I (reluctantly) did that, it was all good in the seersucker pants neighborhood! lol, more pics below...

J. Crew Pink Seersucker Pants (thrifted)
Old Navy White Tank
Shoes (can't remember)
Handbag (gifted!)
HAIR (modified) see HERE.
Backdrop, New Orleans (NOLA!) French Quarter
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Fab Summer Street Style: White Eyelet Lace Dresses...

Photos via Pinterest
White eyelet/lace dresses are perfect for summer. They're brisk, breezy and cool and exactly what you want when the weather is trying to broil you to a crisp way too HOT. I love the effortless chic of white  and eyelet/lace together. Such a cute look for so many occasions, yes? 
Wanna create your own fab summer street style look with a white eyelet/summer lace dress? Shop similar looks at the links below!

July 6, 2014

Shoe Rx: How To Stretch Out Too Tight Shoes [LINK]

I recently purchased a cute pair of strappy sandal heels (on sale!) and they fit for the most part, (they were a little too snug for my liking around the toe area). So at first, I looked into shoe repair shops to see if they could extend the toe strap a bit, but then I quickly came to my senses based on how much I paid for the shoes (little to nothing). So I started looking up DIY shoe hacks when I found the article above. Anybody already hip to this? I know I'm probably late, but this was the first time I ever even heard of this DIY shoe hack. Now full disclosure, I haven't tried this out yet, so I don't know if it'll even work on my synthetic, man-made material sandals, but I'll definitely update this post and let you know if this worked for me. If you have a similar too tight shoe dilemma click HERE or the click pic above to read more.

July 2, 2014

SHOPPING: Cute Summer Dresses That Won't Stun Your Wallet!

How cute are these dresses? And seriously, you have to see them twirl... these dresses are perfect for Summer, yes? Girls night (the MINKPINK Spring Dress), date night (the sophisticated Calvin Klein Halter Dress) Sunday brunch, or European vacay (the Sandra Darren printed dress is perfect for leisurely strolls down cute Italian streets). These dresses would keep you ca-yute all Summer long! AND you'll have $$ left over! POW. Shop these cute Summer dress below!

Summer Travel: Wish I Was There, California...

How beautiful is this California sunset? (or is it a sunrise?) Will you be traveling somewhere fabulous this summer?

May 21, 2014

NEW ORLEANS EVENTS: The 2014 New Orleans Wine & Food Experience...

The New Orleans Wine & Food Experience is one of the premiere events in New Orleans, showcasing what the city does best. In it's 22nd year, this New Orleans festival has become one of most incredible culinary events in the nation, attracting over 10,000 gourmands and connoisseurs as well as art and music lovers. We're also excited to share the bounty with all the locals who enjoy excellent food, exceptional wine, and a great time! Click HERE for more information on this premier event...

The New Orleans Food & Wine Experience
May 21-24, 2014
Wine Dinners
Food & Wine Tastings

May 7, 2014

ICYMI: 2014 MET Ball Photos [LINK]

Rihanna wore a custom-made top and skirt by Stella McCartney to the 2014 MET Gala in New York. The theme of this year's ball was dedicated to Couturier Charles James. Click the pic above to see more red carpet pics from the Gala.

April 1, 2014

MY STYLE DIARY: Denim Boyfriend Shorts...

Turned my F21 Boyfriend Jeans into Shorts, Location, The Saint Hotel, New Orleans, Canal Street
Outfit Post! Because when was my last one, right? (that long ago) but anyhoo, here we are now in my denim boyfriend shorts that I made myself (see how I did it HERE) and OMG I loooooooooove them. And before I go any further in this post, let me address the elephant in the room. WHERE IN THE WORLD IS MY HAIR?! Well, it's GONE. It's something I decided to do last month and I'm glad I did it. If you still wanna know why I did it, CLICK HERE. If you wanna skip my hair monologues, more outfit pics below!

because I'm cool like that... ;)



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